For Healthier Skin Avoid These 5 Facial Faux Pas

For Healthier Skin Avoid These 5 Facial Faux PasThis list of “What not to do” helps you focus on some important skin care basics to improve the quality and look of your skin.

1. Don’t go to bed without removing your makeup.

Your skin needs to breath. When you don’t remove your makeup it’s seeping in, clogging your pores and constricting oxygen flow. This creates a dull look.

Besides, makeup’s not the only thing you want to take off your face. Over the course of the day you build up grime, pollution and sweat. Ew.

2. Don’t stay in the shower too long.

I know, this one sucks, but sitting under the hot water too long is removing important moisture and oils from your skin.

Try limiting your shower time, keep the water as tepid as possible and moisturize when you get out.

3. Don’t walk out the door in the morning without sunscreen.

Sunscreen is your best friend as an anti-ager. Every skin care professional out there will agree. The best way to slow the signs of aging is consistent day to day application of sunscreen.

Either get a face sunscreen and apply it after your moisturizer or use a tinted moisturizer or foundation with an spf of 30. Don’t forget to apply on your neck, decolletage and back of your hands.

4. Don’t ignore your body when it comes to anti-aging.

We pay so much attention to our face and ignore our bodies. Your hands and decolletage can show major signs of aging as well.

Aging hot spots are face, neck, decolletage and hands. Concentrate on these but don’t ignore the rest of your body too. Get a good quality moisturizer and use it after every shower.

5. Don’t over exfoliate.

Is there a such thing as too much of a good thing? YES! There is when it comes to exfoliation. Every time you exfoliate you have compromised the skin barrier. You need to concentrate on barrier repair by topical treatments before you can exfoliate next.

Over exfoliation leads to:

  • Irritation.
  • Tight, dry, scaling or flaking skin.
  • Breaking down the skin’s barrier therefore exposing it to the environment and other damaging agents which can make you age faster.

GASP! I know!

For barrier repair look for products containing Vitamin E.

The rules:

  • Exfoliate no more than 2-3 times a week. Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. How about Tuesday, Friday and Sunday?
  • Pick 1 product with exfoliating ingredients and stick to it. Cleanser or masque etc.

Live by these simple skin care rules and over time your skin will be healthier, younger and will support your other skin care efforts.