Birdy’s new Anti-aging Eye Cream: It’s Anti-aging 2.0!

The day I was imagining my new fierce Anti-aging Eye Cream I was channeling Emeril. I was daydreaming about a product that was like my Anti-aging serum but “BAM!” turned up a notch…like anti-aging 2.0!

It has all the benefits of the Anti-aging Serum plus a couple extra bonuses:

  • DMAE for instance gratification and reduction of fine lines and sagging. With repeated use you keep fine lines from setting in.
  • Blue Green Algae to strengthen skin fibers and help regeneration of skin cells.
  • Hyalouronic acid for a major boost of elasticity and hydration.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very powerful antioxidant repairing damage from the environment.
  • Carrot, blue chamomile and fennel brighten skin tone and reduce swelling.

*For skin types: dry, mature, normal, oily and combination.

It can be used as an eye cream and around the upper and lower lips or as an all-over face serum. It’s gigantic 1 oz unit is an excellent value and full of effective ingredients for your skin! A little bit goes a long way.

*Birdy Disclaimer:
– Our Anti-aging Eye Cream contains a small amount of an exfoliant called “Malic Acid.” If you’ve got sensitive skin ask for a sample with your next order.
– Birdy’s not a huge Emeril fan so if you’re annoyed we don’t blame you.

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