Natural Skincare: Routines and Tips for Oily Complexions


If you’ve got oily skin, consider yourself lucky. I know large pores are a pain in the arse to maintain but since your skin naturally creates its own moisture, you’ll look younger for longer.

Now doesn’t that change your whole outlook on having an oily skin type?


  • Always use a super gentle cleanser.
  • Avoid sulfates (any ingredient ending in “sulfate”). Sulfates are harsh and increase lather production.
  • Look for these ingredients in a gentle cleanser: ones that end in “betaine” or “sulfosuccinate.” Don’t worry about pronouncing it.
  • Wash twice per day but no more.
  • Invest in a gentle toner.
  • Avoid astringents as they can be too harsh and aggravating.


  • It’s ok, you can put oil on your face. It’s a myth that oily complexions should use nothing but oil-free products. All complexions need oil. And all oils will build up in your pores to a certain extent but you can easily keep them clear with by applying good masque weekly and exfoliating.
  • Choose a serum for use during the day and at night.
  • Use a moisturizer for your night routine.


  • Wear sunscreen everyday. This is non-negotiable.
  • If you wear makeup, try getting your sunscreen with a tinted moisturizer or foundation. BB creams are a multiple use product (Birdy’s a big fan of multiple uses!) A makeup professional at Sephora suggested SmashBox BB cream for oily skin types as it helps control oil production.

Maintain your pores

  • Use a clay masque once a week and exfoliate 2-3 times per week. This is crucial for an oily skin type and to maintain overall skin health.

Skin care routines for oily skin


Every Day
Cleanse, use toner, apply serum and sunscreen.

Cleanse, use toner, apply serum and a light moisturizer.

Use a clay masque.

Two to three times weekly
Exfoliate in lieu of normal cleansing, use toner, apply serum and moisturizer.

Important tips for managing oily skin

  • I know I’ve already said it but this is key for an oily skin type—find a good gentle clay masque and use it once a week. This and exfoliation are the best ways to minimize your pores.
  • Exfoliate two or three times per week. But, also keep in mind that overdoing this will not benefit your skin in the long run, but instead age your skin faster. Pick two days of the week. I exfoliate on Tuesday and Fridays. Add a third day if you think your skin can handle it, but no more.
  • When you have an oily skin type, it can be tempting to over-cleanse. Treat your face gently and use gentle products. Cleansing too often will strip your face of its natural oils and cause your pores to produce too much oil.
  • Get a facial a few times per year, minimum. Your esthetician will tell you if your routine is working and can help you deep-clean your pores.

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