Pumping Lots of Cash into Skin Care Products Without Results?- You May Not Be Using Enough

Pumping a Lot of Cash into Skin Care Products Without Results?- You May Not Be Using EnoughHave you ever spent lots of money on leave on products and wondered why they’re not working?

Many of the expensive face serums and eye creams we spend major dollars on are what the industry calls, “Dose Dependant.” Meaning, a specific dose of the product is required to be used in order to gain the benefits for which the product was created to provide.

Unfortunately the rule with most skin care products: You have to use it to get the results.

There’s always the chance that the product is bogus. How many times have we been played by fake before and after photos that promised magical results? Unfortunately this is rampant in the skin care industry.

But, what if the product does work but you’re trying to use less in order to stretch the life of the product before you have to re-buy it?

You’ll never know if it works because you’re not using enough of it.

How do you know if you’re using enough?

There’s such a thing called “The Goldilocks Principal.” It refers to a dosage that must be within certain margins. Not too much, not too little, but just right.

Rule of thumb to reach the “goldilocks effect”:

  • If there is a recommended dosage, don’t ignore it or you’ll be wasting your money.
  • If there’s no dosage size recommended, start with one pump or a pea size amount. The product should flow over your skin easily and absorb within 10-20 seconds and with a few gentle, massaging strokes. If you need more go with another pea size or adjust the amount depending on how much coverage you got from the first dose. And don’t forget your other aging hot spots like your neck, decolletage and back of your hands.
  • If you don’t see any results in 30- 40 days, I would deduct the product isn’t working for you.
  • The best solution is to buy product that you can afford to re-purchase when you’re product is finished. If money is that much of an issue (usually is) then take a chance on expensive positions only when you get a money back guarantee.

Buying good quality product can be crucial to your skin care efforts and results, but if you’re not going to use enough of it to make a difference, then leave your money in your wallet and step away from the beauty counter.

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