Quick skin care tips: Solutions for 5 daily skin dilemmas

5 Perfect Face Fixes for Imperfect PeoplelHave you ever been in a situation that you don’t have time for your full skin care and beauty regimen?

Speaking from experience, I am a busy person that sometimes requires super quick and easy solutions.

Sound familiar? Don’t sweat it. I’ve got some quick shortcut solutions for 5 daily skin care dilemmas.

Quick face fixes:

  • Need a quick facial? Apply Hydrating Lotion Jelly or a gentle cleansing masque to your face right before getting in the shower. Let it work as you take care of your other business and then rinse. You’ll look refreshed and glow just like you came back from a facial.
  • Need to get out the door fast? Apply Detoxifying Toner with a cotton ball, then Anti-aging serum. Finito.
  • Fix puffy eyes with your cold, used tea bag. Refrigerate tea bag for a few minutes if it’s not cold enough. Apply for 30-60 seconds under each eye. (Caffeinated tea will give the best results.)
  • Tired and wanna go to bed? Remove makeup without touching the faucet. Apply 3-in-1 Cream Cleanser to dry face, massage in circles for 1-2 minutes concentrating on areas with the most makeup. Remove with a wet or dry soft cloth. Remember to keep your eyes closed and be especially gentle around the eye area. If needed apply toner and finish off with a face serum. (Make sure not to get any cleanser in your eye and that the area is wiped clean before opening.)
  • No time for makeup? Mix a face serum with your favorite foundation for a light, natural looking coverage.

Birdy’s got your back. We’re all about easy solutions for your busy life. That’s why we love our multiple uses!

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