The 3 scariest things you put on your face

The 3 Scariest Things You Put on Your Face

There’s a never-ending list of chemical ingredients to avoid in your products. This is a list of 3 ingredients I personally will NEVER allow to touch my skin—if I can help it.

Before we begin it’s important to give you some background on me and my experience.

Fact: I am not a chemist or any kind of scientist and I have a hard time with the periodical table of elements.

Fact: What I can tell you is that I have really sensitive skin and I research lots and lots of ingredients on a regular basis.

Fact: I created my line of products for myself so ultimately my goal is to keep myself healthy and well. Sorry, but honestly, it’s all about “yours truly.”

What ingredients I steer clear of in my skincare and cosmetics for myself and why:


What it looks like on the label:
Most commonly listed as Methyparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben or Propylparaben.
From my research at the American Cancer society, and Personal care: Truth or Scare, The scare about the effects of parabens started when a scientist found paraben chemicals in breast cancer tissue samples. There is NO substantial evidence that parabens cause cancer or mimic hormones but an important fact is that they are the most widely used ingredient besides water in skin care products. Because they are so prevalent in our products then maybe we should just lay off for awhile. Especially since there are other safe preservative alternatives.


What is looks like on the label:

  • DBP (dibutyl phthalate): found in nail polish, personal care products
  • DEP (diethyl phthalate): found in perfume, deodorant, cologne and aftershave
  • Fragrance: Phthalates are often hidden in this super vague ingredient listing

Phthalates are a plasticizing chemical used to prolong fragrance on the skin. They’re used in the automotive, construction, household, cosmetic and packaging industries. They’re associated with that “new car smell.” Phthalates have been known to cause reproductive and development toxicity.

Synthetic Fragrances:

What is looks like on the label:


Anticlimactic, you say? Don’t let that little 9 letter word fool you. Fragrances may be labeled “Fragrance” on your label but they are made up of dozens of hidden chemicals that include allergens, asthma triggers and hormone-disrupters.

Kathleen Doheny, a health and wellness journalist for WebMD points out that…

“The fragrance industry has 3,100 stock chemical ingredients to choose from.” Because of the FDA and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, according to Doheny they are allowed to “lump together all fragrance chemicals as “Fragrances.””

And FYI, if you see “Fragrance” on a label, there’s a good chance it contains Phthalates.

Where do I get my information? After extensive research I have found a few places that I trust, mostly because they don’t try to sell me anything and they give information about their experts and resources.

So now what do we do? Don’t worry. Use common sense and read your ingredient labels.

4 thoughts on “The 3 scariest things you put on your face

  1. I have had cancer. After chemo & radiation I wanted to know what I had to change so I didn’t get Cancer again. My Dr said nothing! I was doing all the right things! I didn’t like the answer & started looking for different solutions. I feel everyone needs to read the book “Anticancer a New Way of Life”.
    Enjoy! Cindi

    • thank you for the book referral. my mother is a breast cancer and thirty yrs later a lung cancer survivor. so, i feel like it is only a matter of time and have always wanted to find such a source of info.

      i joined the non-toxic company out of santa monica, ca, beautycounter, and have made the choice to shift myself and my family to non toxic skin, body and make-up and cleaning/household products. there are lots of tidbits of health info on the website thst you might apreciate seeing. best wishes to you.

  2. Hi Cindi!
    Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so sorry about your cancer scare and good for you for taking charge of your health. I will definitely check out the book you suggest. Best wishes to you!

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