Three Easy Steps to Great Skin

3 Easy Steps to Great Skin
I know things about stuff.

I know that taking better care of your skin was at the top of your New Year’s resolution list. Right? Right?

If your NYR enthusiasm is waning, get back on track with 3 easy steps to great skin.

It doesn’t have to be hard. This is a “1, 2, 3, done” kind of moment.

The Three Easy Steps

The most important ritual for great skin is wash your face at night to remove all impurities. Starting your daily routine here you can adjust the rest of your routine according to your grooming habits and daily shower schedule.

Step 1
Night: Cleanse. Serum. Moisturize.
The routine is the same if you shower or not.

Step 2
Morning shower, yes?: Gentle masque. Serum. Sunscreen
Showered last night?: Toner. Serum. Sunscreen

Step 3
Once a week:
Blue Clay Masque. (15-20 minutes)

Fundamental details

  • The perfect time to moisturize your body is after a shower. Use moisturizer on your face as needed and according to your skin type.
  • In the shower apply gentle masque first thing as you enter, rinse off before you exit.
  • Clay masques aren’t just for oily skin. My Blue Clay Masque has honey, MSM and blue-green algae and works for every skin type—even dry and irritated skin.

Let Birdy Botanicals do all the work! With our multiple uses you can get better results and save money by buying less product. And then you can check that “Save money” NYR off your list at the same time. Damn you’re smart! Snap.

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