What every bride-to-be should know about skin care

What every bride-to-be should know about skin care
This is a big deal. It’s your big day and you’re the star of this show. How many times have you been to a wedding and heard someone say “She’s glowing.” I can promise you that “she” established a good and consistent skin care regimen.

Let’s discuss some skin care, nutrition and makeup tips to help you look your best.

What you need to know to glow:

Skin care DON’TS for the bride:

  • Don’t do any professional facials or treatments within 10 days of your wedding.
  • Don’t do any NEW facials or treatments within 3 weeks of the big day. If you’ve never done it before you don’t know how your skin will react.
  • Don’t wing it. Establish a skin care routine and follow it. It’s worth it.

Skin care DO’s for the bride:

Start here:

  • Establish your skin care routines for 3-6 months before the ceremony if you’re not already committed to a skin care regimen.
  • Start with a professional facial. Tell your esthetician that you’re getting married and consult with them about a routine for your skin type.

Bridal skin care nutrition and diet:

  • Watch what you eat. Keep sugar and alcohol at a minimum. These are big culprits when it comes to swelling and tone of your skin. Puffy Bride? No bueno.
  • Eat your antioxidants! Work these into your diet as soon as possible and eat them everyday. Smoothies are a great way to get them into your diet and will help control your weight at the same time if you replace one meal for one smoothie.
  • Regular exercise is great for your skin.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

About your 3-6 month pre-wedding skin care routine:

Tanning and grooming:

  • If you want to be tan, fake it but go light. Go for the sun-kissed look. Go ahead and get a professional spray-on but if you decide to do it yourself make sure you use a product you’re familiar with. Do a “tan” trial run so you know what you’re getting and make sure to use an all-over body scrub before applying. Orange streaks and splotchy tan, again, no bueno.
  • Get your eyebrows done 5-10 days before the event.
  • Get your hair trimmed and colored 2-3 weeks before the event. And I would counsel against making any drastic changes.

A few words about hair and makeup:

  • Do a hair and makeup run through. Let your natural glow be the star and use minimal makeup. Drag queen look? Really no bueno..
  • Make sure your makeup makes you feel beautiful.
  • Consider these factors before you commit to a look: season, temperature, time of day, indoor vs. outdoor.
  • Google “makeup tips for brides” to get a ton of great information.

Make sure to have a plan for your skin. If you have that natural and bridal glow, you won’t need much makeup to shine. But most importantly you want to feel great about yourself while you’re being celebrated by your family and friends. THAT is mui bueno.

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